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Woolly Pocket Table Planter

Woolly Pocket Table Planter   Woolly Pocket Table Planter

Woolly Pocket Table Planter

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Make your own living centerpiece with our tabletop pocket planter! It is soft-sided, breathable, and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles right here in the USA. Overview Perfect table planter to grow any of your favorite orchids, succulents, ferns or herbs. Features & Benefits: Make your own living centerpiece! Fits in anywhere - on a table, windowsill, floor or bookshelf Pockets are soft and breathable 5-sided shape, 9" in diameter, 4" tall Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles Pocket Science Breathable: In regular pots plants tend to get root bound. Woolly pockets are made with breathable felt-like material which lets excess moisture evaporate out the sides. Naturally air prunes roots for stronger, healthier plants. Moisture Barrier: Ensures your table or countertop stays dry. Covers pocket along the bottom and up the sides. Self Watering: The moisture barrier creates a reservoir of water for plants to access as needed. The barrier conserves water so soil stays moist for a longer period of... More

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