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Giant Sequoia Tree Grow Kit

Giant Sequoia Tree Grow Kit   Giant Sequoia Tree Grow Kit

Giant Sequoia Tree Grow Kit


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Grow the world's largest living thing! This kit includes everything needed to grow a Giant Sequoia tree from seed. This Grow Kit gives you everything you need to germinate and grow the world's largest living thing! Giant Sequoias are native to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, where proud giants such as the 'General Sherman' and 'General Grant' trees have wowed National Park visitors for years. Giant Sequoias are hardy enough to grow well in virtually any climate, and can handle both high and low temperatures. This truly majestic species, the most massive of all trees, can live thousands of years and attain monumental size, up to 300 feet tall with trunks almost 40 feet in diameter. Growing a tree from seed is a fascinating experience for people of all ages. The instructions lead you through the whole process - from cold-stratifying your seeds to germination to transplanting. Features Includes Giant Sequoia seeds (Sequoiadendron giganteum), growing medium, perlite, mini-greenhouse, instructions Measures 4.5" high x 2.5" wide Made in the... More

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