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Paperwhites Grow Bottle

Paperwhites Grow Bottle   Paperwhites Grow Bottle

Paperwhites Grow Bottle

 $19.95    $14.95

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With delicate white flowers and a sweet Narcissus fragrance, Paperwhites are easy to grow and bloom in 3 to 4 weeks. Overview Few other flowers can match the graceful beauty of Narcissus. Their tall stems give way to fragrant white blooms. This beautiful flowering bulb looks perfect in its upcycled wine bottle. Makes for a simple and lasting gift to brighten up any home this winter. Features & Benefits: Complete kit to grow your own paperwhite flowers (Narcissus tazetta) Includes bulb, organic growing medium, bottle, cork coaster, directions Made from recycled restaurant wine bottles Bottle measures 5.5" high x 3" wide Made in the USA How To Use: Paperwhites are easy to grow indoors and can be planted throughout fall and winter. Simply add the organic growing medium and bulb to the grow bottle, add water, and place in a bright spot, such as a windowsill. Growing paperwhites in this repurposed wine bottle looks beautiful and provides support as the plant grows... More

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