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Lock Laces - Camo

Lock Laces - Camo   Lock Laces - Camo

Lock Laces - Camo

 $9.99    $4.99

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Lock Laces are the original, patented elastic no tie shoelaces. Whether you're looking for heavy duty, waterproof replacement laces for your military boots or more comfortable no tie shoelaces for your trail hiking boots, our NEW Camo Lock Laces make the perfect addition to any boots. At 72", they will fit nearly any boots or shoes. Overview Never waste time tying shoes again with Lock Laces. Our original patented one-size-fits-all design is easy to install, provides everyday stretch fit comfort, and eliminates the hassle of fumbling with shoelaces. Features & Benefits: Turn any boot or shoe into a slip-on Water-resistant Stretch-fit comfort Heavy duty Perfect for out use: hiking, hunting, workboots, etc. Light Weight Product Includes: 2 72" Elastic LOCK LACES(TM) (stretch to 108") 2 Secure Cord Locks 2 cord... More

Lock Lace BLL501CAM72
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