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Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil

Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil   Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil

Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is known as the 'King of the Herbs' and is a favorite among cooks worldwide for its rich and fresh flavor. You can grow organic basil and take these sweet-tasting leaves right from the plant to your plate in just 6 weeks! Overview This herb growing kit is hand-crafted from a recycled wine bottle. It is attractive, functional and respectful of the earth's resources. Using simple hydroponics, these durable glass vessels grow fresh herbs indoors year-round to spice up your cooking. Your Grow Bottle can be used again and again. After each growing cycle, you can wash the bottle, rinse the clay pebbles and replant another variety of herb. Collect a few and have all the fresh herbs you need! Basil Grow Bottle Includes: Organic basil seeds Grow Bottle (8" x 3") Clay grow pebbles Vermiculite Wool felt wick Cork coaster Instructions for planting and... More

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