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Cosmos Recycled Cotton Socks

Cosmos Recycled Cotton Socks   Cosmos Recycled Cotton Socks

Cosmos Recycled Cotton Socks


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Product details provided by LifeStraw:
Inspired by colorful cosmos flowers, these socks are knit in the USA with recycled cotton and mismatched with care. Available in three sizes. Overview Like a cone of berry flavored sherbet on a hot day, these socks are sure to bring a smile to the wearer. Colors in the Cosmos socks: purple, lime green, red, orange, and turquoise. Whether you wear them all day at work, when relaxing at home or to keep your feet warm at night, these socks will brighten any day. Features & Benefits: Socks knit with recycled cotton yarn Mismatched with care Great gift for women and men of all ages Keeps your feet comfortable and warm year round Machine washable and dryable Made in the USA from recycled materials Size Options: Small: Women's 6 - 8, Men's 5 - 7 Medium: Women's 8 - 10, Men's 7 - 9 Large: Women's 10 - 12, Men's 9 - 11 Socks fit true to size. Small, medium and large corresponds to shoe sizes above. If you are on the cusp between sizes and wondering which size to order, these socks will shrink a little but they also stretch. So if you like your socks to fit snug then opt for the smaller size, and if you don't like socks to fit snug then go for the larger size. You can machine wash and dry these socks. Cosmos socks are knit with pre-shrunk, colorfast cotton yarns. The colors will not run or fade. Eco friendly Cosmos socks are knit from recycled materials. The recycled cotton yarn is created by recovering the scraps left over from the production of cotton t-shirts. All the little cotton scraps are gathered, ground up and spun into yarn. Using recycled cotton reduces the amount of cotton waste sent to landfills. Using recycled cotton yarn also reduces the amount of water, land use, pesticides and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers as well as eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to dye virgin cotton yarn. This recycled yarn is certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful toxins. Locally made Sock design, knitting and finishing final touches are all completed at small family-owned businesses in Vermont, North Carolina, and... More

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