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Onsight Hikers Mosquito Shelter

Onsight Hikers Mosquito Shelter   Onsight Hikers Mosquito Shelter

Onsight Hikers Mosquito Shelter

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A lightweight and convenient shelter for protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Onsight utilizes 60%-100% of recycled materials when producing their products. Overview This is a premium mosquito shelter for the lightweight camper. Made of a 300hole/square inch insecticide-free polyester mesh, it provides extra protection from biting insects, without stopping cool breezes. A small fiberglass pole provides extra headroom with a single attachment point. Compact and light for easy packing, the Hiker's Shelter is ideal for fast trips where space is at a premium. Travelling, and the luggage and gear one needs to travel, can come at a significant cost to the environment. The value behind the Onsight line is maximizing the use of recycled and non-toxic materials in their products to significantly reduce their environmental impact. 60% to 100% of the materials used in many Onsight products come from recycled plastic water bottles, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These materials include fabric, mesh, buckles, webbing, and zippers. Manufacturing polyester fiber from recycled materials results in 76% less energy use and 71% less CO2 emissions than producing polyester from virgin materials. At Eartheasy, we seek out suppliers who use sustainability as a benchmark in developing new products. Features & Benefits: Main fabric - extra fine 50d 300hole / square inch whire polyester mesh Fiberglass pole - 30cm, strong 3 piece pole with elastic cord and plastic ends Edge material - durable 15cm nylon bottom border strip Attachment pkg. - hook screw, nylon hole plug, 3mm cord, cord adjuster Stuff sac - green nylon with dimensions ( english/french ), opening has drawstring cord and cord lock, hand loop, instructions How to use the Hiker's mosquito shelter: The fiberglass pole inserts into pockets at the ends of the top strap. Pass the included cord through grommet hole and over the ceiling hook (provided). Pass both cords through cord adjuster. Adjust the height of the shelter by squeezing cord lock and moving on the cord. Alternatively, hang adjuster cord from a tree branch, or a second suspended line that is hung between two trees. When spread tightly over a flat area the border strip should be flat on the ground. Place all belongings in the shelter, and use them for holding down the... More

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