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GearPods Stove System

GearPods Stove System   GearPods Stove System

GearPods Stove System

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Always have the ability to boil water and make a hot meal with the GearPods Stove System, a self-contained kit that combines a dual-fuel stove and a CookMug. Amazingly compact and lightweight, this stove system is easy to throw into a pack as an emergency stove yet capable enough to act as a main stove when weight and size are paramount. Overview The hard anodized aluminum GearPods CookMug features an insulated flame-retardant Silica band and snap-in lid, making it safe to hold when hot while preventing burns/spills respectively. The 9.5 fl oz CookMug is designed to work with the one-piece GearPods Stove also provided in the kit. This stove burns solid fuel tablets and features secured swing-out legs for maximum stability. Also included is the GearPods Windshield that protects the stove and increases stove efficiency and GearPods Burner for burning denatured alcohol instead of fuel tablets. GearPods Stove System is packaged in a durable, lightweight and waterproof XL GearPods container. Even with the entire kit packed, there is room inside the GearPods CookMug to store additional gear or kits. GearPods Stove System - the perfectly compact cooking system. Features: Lightweight Compact Easy carry Can be combined with other GearPods to build your own... More

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