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GrowCamp Potting Tray

GrowCamp Potting Tray   GrowCamp Potting Tray

GrowCamp Potting Tray

 $75.00    $29.95

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Large potting tray for the GrowCamp Modular Vegetable Growing System. This tray is perfect for starter plants and seedlings. Overview The GrowCamp Potting Tray is designed for growing seedlings. The tray can be mounted across the bed at the height of the soil, or mounted over the bed on the support rods, acting as an additional shelf for plants. Time your plantings so that when one harvest is ready to pick, the seedlings are ready to transplant into the garden below. The capillary mat in the planting tray draws up and distributes the water added to the tray. This allows the soil and roots to absorb water as needed. Features & Benefits: Includes planting tray, capillary mat, mountain brackets Perfect for starter plants and seedlings Deep wide grooves for water storage Includes capillary mat - absorbs and distributes water in the tray Each tray measures 48" long, 14.5" wide, 3" deep Easy tool-free... More

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