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Penguin Stuffed Animal Making Kit

Penguin Stuffed Animal Making Kit   Penguin Stuffed Animal Making Kit

Penguin Stuffed Animal Making Kit


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Create your own one of a kind stuffed penguin from 100% reclaimed wool! This DIY kit includes everything needed to make a one of a kind penguin stuffed animal. It's the perfect gift for your budding maker! Each Kit Includes: 100% reclaimed wool Detailed instructions and pattern Hand sewing needle and thread Signature stuffed animal eyes And the best part, zero waste! Decorate the box to turn it into a custom igloo for your new feathered friend. Details: Size: 10 inches Time: 3-6 hours Difficulty: Beginner Recommended Age: 8+ (parental assistance encouraged for younger children) How It's Made Old discarded sweaters destined for the landfill are given a second life as colorful and imaginative playthings. Since the materials come from repurposed sweaters, no two kits will ever be the same. The Cate & Levi collection is handmade in Toronto, Canada. All the materials are sourced as close to home as possible. This process cuts down on shipping and reduces our carbon footprint. The choice of reclaimed wool reduces demand for new materials that require both water and oil for production. The goal is for these items to leave the softest possible footprint on our... More

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