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Onsight RFID Shield Wallet

Onsight RFID Shield Wallet   Onsight RFID Shield Wallet

Onsight RFID Shield Wallet

 $12.25    $8.58

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Help prevent identity theft with this practical little wallet from Onsight. Protect your identity while you help the planet in purchasing a product made from 60-100% of recycled and non-toxic materials. Overview This minimalistic wallet has 4 card slots inside plus a 5th one with a window. There are 2 additional slots on the outside where you can fit business cards, rewards cards, a bus pass or even fold up a few bills. Travelling, and the luggage and gear one needs to travel, can come at a significant cost to the environment. The value behind the Onsight line is maximizing the use of recycled and non-toxic materials in their products to significantly reduce their environmental impact. 60% to 100% of the materials used in many Onsight products come from recycled plastic water bottles, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These materials include fabric, mesh, buckles, webbing, and zippers. Manufacturing polyester fiber from recycled materials results in 76% less energy use and 71% less CO2 emissions than producing polyester from virgin materials. At Eartheasy, we seek out suppliers who use sustainability as a benchmark in developing new products. Features & Benefits: Stylish EPO tarpaulin fabric exterior Protects against ID theft by blocking scanners Available in red or black Slim design fits comfortably in your pocket 60% made from recycled... More

Onsight OS2520
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