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GearPods Sleeve - 9.5' Black

GearPods Sleeve - 9.5' Black   GearPods Sleeve - 9.5' Black

GearPods Sleeve - 9.5' Black

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Protect your GearPods kits and increase your packing options with our highly-customizable GearPods Sleeves. Made of tough nylon, the 9.5" GearPods Sleeve is a black fabric case designed for maximum durability and versatility. It accommodates any combination of individual or connected GearPods kits. Overview Access to GearPods from either end of the Sleeve is easy and fast using the adjustable quick-release buckles on the end caps. These end caps feature a clear vinyl center for viewing Sleeves' contents at a glance. GearPods Sleeves have a daisy chain/PALS webbing strip weave webbing plus a reinforced MOLLE weave strap for attaching them to practically anything, from packs and vests, to vehicles, rafts and saddles. Or just throw them in your pack, truck, ATV or snowmobile gear compartment ... the options are endless. Each GearPods Sleeve has a side pocket with a velcro-secured flap lid; useful for storing additional items such as a folding or fixed-blade knife, multi-tool, short flashlight and/or a firesteel. A separate clear vinyl window together with a labeling system allows quick identification of contents. GearPods Sleeves - it's like performance apparel for your... More

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