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Cold Steel Knives CSVDFB

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFB   Cold Steel Knives CSVDFB

Cold Steel Knives VDFB Ron Balicki'S Filipino Boxing Dvd Set

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Cold Steel Knives - Ron Balicki'S Filipino Boxing Dvd Set. Model CSVDFB. Features Ron Balicki's discussion on many topics including the following: basic on guard stances; footwork methods and drills; 30 different punching methods including Ron''s famous long range uppercut; multiple kicking, kneeing and elbow techniques; basic to advanced defense with special emphasis on attacking and destroying incoming punches and kicks using your fists, elbows, knees and feet; Filipino trapping hand drills - single and double hand; multiple kicking flow drills; Filipino wrestling/submission grappling - joint/lock combinations. Useful for the novice or experienced fighter. 3 disc set.... More

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFB
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