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Cold Steel Knives CSVDFM

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFM   Cold Steel Knives CSVDFM

Cold Steel Knives VDFM Cold Steel The Fighting Machete DVD Set

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Cold Steel Knives - Cold Steel The Fighting Machete DVD Set. Model CSVDFM. Features Lynn Thompson's (president and founder of Cold Steel Knives) discussion on several topics including the following: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Machete as a Weapon; How to Choose a Machete, Sharpen and Customize; How to Grip, Carry and Conceal a Machete; Multiple On-Guard Stances and Common Faults to Avoid; Footwork - Over 26 Techniques; Seven Methods of Employing the Point of a Machete - Including Reverse Grip Methods; 13 Methods of Employing the Razor Edge of a Machete; Hitting, Smashing, and Hammering; Utilizing the Flat of the Blade and Spine of a Machete; Defensive Tactics Utilizing Footwork and Avoidance Patterns; 13 Ways to use a Machete to Block or Parry Incoming Attacks; Defeating Disarm Attempts; Defeating the Charge on Take-Down Attempts; Fighting from the Standing Grapple (Clinch); How to Create and Identify an Opening in an Opponent's Defense; and much more. 3 disc set.... More

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFM
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