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Sabre Pepper Spray SL7

Sabre Pepper Spray SL7   Sabre Pepper Spray SL7

Sabre 91604 Pepper Spray Launcher

 $590.60    $363.22

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Model - SA91604. Pepper Spray Launcher. Home Defense Kit. Accurate up to 66 feet. 6 foot cloud burst spray. Deploys 0.68 caliber projectiles of red pepper powder which burst upon impact up to 175 feet. Kit includes: Pepper spray launcher with 7 projectile magazine, (14) Inert practice projectiles, (7) Red pepper powder projectiles, (2) 12 gram CO2 cartridges, Manual, Practice target, Link to training video, Lockable hard storage case. Can not ship to the following states: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington D. C. Customer should check local laws and regulations before purchasing this item. Boxed. ORM-D... More

Sabre Pepper Spray SL7
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