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Cold Steel Knives CSVDFSK

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFSK   Cold Steel Knives CSVDFSK

Cold Steel Knives VDFSK Two Disc Set DVD Self Defense with the...

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Cold Steel Knives - Two Disc Set DVD Self Defense with thea. Model CSVDFSK. Sjambok. Lynn Thompson, President of Cold Steel and Chief Instructor of the training division will teach you how to use the Sjambok to defend yourself and your loved ones. Volume 1 includes: Introduction; Advantages of the Sjambok; Disadvantages of the Sjambok; Sjambok Nomenclature; Safety and Training Equipment; Gripping the Sjambok; Fighting Postures; Footwork; and several offense topics. Volume 2 includes: Bayonet Style - Striking and Blocking - Disarms & Take Aways; Sarong Style Techniques; Mai - The Study of Distance; Power and Accuracy; and several defense topics. Two DVD disk... More

Cold Steel Knives CSVDFSK
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