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Books BK308

Books BK308   Books BK308

Books 308 The Little Red Book of Hunters Wisdom By Jay Cassell and Peter Fiduccia

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Books - The Little Red Book of Hunters Wisdom By Jay Cassell and Peter Fiduccia. Model BK308. Wisdom. By Jay Cassell and Peter Fiduccia. Being a hunter is a way of life and this handbook is packed with memorable comments from men and women who live and breathe it. Read musings on the hunt from such noteworthy folks as: Ernest Hemingway, Annie Oakley, Rudyard Kipling, Jim Corbett, William Faulkner, Marco Polo, Jack O''Conner and many more! Here are words to live by for any outdoors enthusiast who enjoys a weekend hunt near home or a three week safari in Africa. Whether you soak in all the wisdom in this book in one day or spread it out over your lifetime; the insights from the many hunters quoted here will stay with you forever. Hardcover. 214 pages with color photos. Bulk... More

Books BK308
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