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Books BK312

Books BK312   Books BK312

Books 312 The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills, Tactics and Techniques

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Books - The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills, Tactics and Techniques. Model BK312. Hunting Skills, Tactics and Techniques. Edited by Jay Cassell. A comprehensive guide to hunting whitetails, mule deer, blacktails and other members of the deer family, including elk, moose and caribou. With hunting advice from a wide variety of experts, including Peter Fiduccia, Dave Henderson, J. Wayne Fears, John Weiss and Monte Burch. This book really drills down and examines every major tactic - from rattling to driving to stalking and more. Rifle hunting is the major focus in this compendium but there is also a wealth of information on bowhunting and muzzleloader hunting. In these pages you''ll find sections on gear (firearms, bows, scents, blinds and other accessories), planting and tending your land to make it as attractive to deer as possible and even delicious recipes for camp, cabin or home. This volume also includes a section featuring adventure stories, most of them by editor Jay Cassell. His feature on hunting for blacktail deer on Alaska''s Kodiak Island, where the... More

Books BK312
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