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Flexcut Carving Tools KN250

Flexcut Carving Tools KN250   Flexcut Carving Tools KN250

Flexcut KN250 Deluxe Knife Set Carbon Steel Blade with Wood Handle

 $515.94    $319.88

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Product details provided by Knife Country USA:
Model - FLEXKN250. Deluxe Knife Set. Includes KN11 Skew Knife, KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife, KN14 Roughing Knife, KN15 Chip Carving Knife, KN18 Pelican Knife, KN19 Mini-Pelican Knife, KN20 Mini-Chip Knife, KN26 Right-Handed Hook Knife, KN27 Mini-Detail Knife, KN28 Upsweep Knife, KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife, KN32 Detail Skew Knife, KN33 Hooked Push Knife, KN34 Skewed Detail Knife, KN35 Fine Detail Knife, KN36 Radius Knife and KN37 Hooked Skew Knife, and wooden storage box. Features high carbon steel blades and wood handles. Set features the most extensive collection of fixed blade carving knives in the industry to give carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economical package. This set includes 18 razor-sharp carving knives designed for roughing to very detailed carving... More

Flexcut Carving Tools KN250
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UPC: 651646502504
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