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Night Owl Optics NOIGM3X-LE

Night Owl Optics NOIGM3X-LE   Night Owl Optics NOIGM3X-LE

Night Owl IGM3XLE Night Vision Monocular Set Integrated Photographic Capability with AA Batteries

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Model - NOIGM3XLE. Night Vision Monocular Set. Dimensions: 9 inch x 4 inch x 2.5 inch. FOV: 70ft. @ 110yds. Actual magnification: 2.6x. Carry case. Angle of view: 12 degrees. Range of View: 16 inch to infinity. Resolution: Edge to Edge. Ambient light amplification of 650 times. Works day or night. Infrared illuminator. Infrared intelligence- 3 modes. Wattage adjusts automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness. Programmable time out features. Tripod mount. Video composite output. Ocular lens. Kit includes: Black hard sided case with foam inserts, iGen LE memory card, Tripod with window mount, 58mm Lens Doubler with 44mm adapter, strap,... More

Night Owl Optics NOIGM3X-LE
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