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Cold Steel Knives CSVDNU

Cold Steel Knives CSVDNU   Cold Steel Knives CSVDNU

Cold Steel Knives VDNU Cold Steel Never Unarmed DVD

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Cold Steel Knives - Cold Steel Never Unarmed DVD. Model CSVDNU. Set. Features Lynn Thompson's discussion on the following topics: pros and cons of air guns, .22 handguns, .22 rifles, mini revolvers, pocket pistols, service revolvers, service pistols, big bore handguns, single shot handguns, single shot rifles, double rifles, bolt action rifles, pump action rifles, lever action rifles, semi auto rifles, single and double shotguns, pump action shotguns, and semi automatic shotguns. Tactical and training insights and thought provoking demonstrations regarding the use of cover, concealment, improvised fighting positions, home-made shields and much more. Note: at times the presentation can become quite graphic especially self defense against dangerous animals and how to neutralize violent human adversaries. A broad look at an enormously wide subject including the firearms and ammunition needed for recreation, hunting, survival, and self-defense. 6 disc... More

Cold Steel Knives CSVDNU
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