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Air Hogs 14825

Air Hogs 14825   Air Hogs 14825

Air Hogs Supernova


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Air Hogs Supernova Unleash the power of your hands with the Air Hogs Supernova! Equipped with an intelligent on-board system and motion-sensitive lights and sensors, the Air Hogs Supernova responds to your every movement - no remote control or touching needed! To activate, just toss to launch and Air Hogs Supernova will levitate mid-air, awaiting your command! Master 30 moves and 9 super tricks, ranging from simple to complex, and take control of your Air Hogs Supernova. Vehicle CONTROL WITH YOUR HANDS - NO TOUCHING NEEDED: Equipped with an intelligent on-board system it has motion sensitive lights and sensors that respond to you. No remote control needed! MASTER 30+ MOVES: Ranging from simple to complex there are over 30 moves and 9 super tricks to master! TOSS TO LAUNCH: Activate the Air Hogs Supernova by tossing it into the air! Made for kids aged 8+. Recommended for indoor use only. Contents 1 Air Hogs Supernova 1 USB Charge Cable 1 Instruction Sheet 4 Replacement Rotors 1 Rotor Removal Tool 1 User instruction... More

Air Hogs 14825
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