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Pro-Tec VN-0EDF13F XS

Pro-Tec VN-0EDF13F XS   Pro-Tec VN-0EDF13F XS

Pro-Tec B2 SXP Mens Skate Helmet

 $64.95    $29.99

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It's a classic style helmet and it packs a ton of features to keep your head protected so you can hit the parks and really let your body of work shine. The Pro-Tec B2 SXP Skate Helmet is one of the top pro riders' choice helmet for many reasons. For starters, it has a High-Impact ABS hard shell construction built for the most aggressive riders. The Multi-Impact SXP Liner has something called built-in rebound control. Once the liner has been compressed the SXP technology kicks in and the liner rebounds so that it maintains its impact-absorbing qualities. You'll also have Die-Cut Foam Padding to help keep you comfortable. 15 open vents line this Pro-Tec B2 SXP Skate Helmet so that when the pressure's up and your sweating like a beast, you'll have some ventilation to help keep you cool. High-Impact ABS Shell, Multi-Impact SXP Lining, Die-Cut PU Foam Padding, 15 Open Vents, Helmet Style: Skate Helmet, GTIN: 0808390891488, Model Number: VN-0EDF13F XS, Product ID: 187595, Model Year:... More

Pro-Tec VN-0EDF13F XS
Item #: 187595
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