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K2 I1504005010

K2 I1504005010   K2 I1504005010

K2 Varsity G Backpack

 $55.00    $27.99

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The K2 Varsity Backpack was made for the young skater so that they can head out to school or to a friend's house with everything they need. This backpack features an internal laptop pocket so they can store their gear without any worries of it getting damaged along the way. The felt lined MP3/Sunglasses top pocket is great for protecting the small but expensive items. With the side mount carting system and top loops for the helmet, they'll be able to attach their skates and helmet to the bag so they don't lose them or accidentally leave them somewhere. For any young skater heading to school or just out for the day, the K2 Varsity Backpack is a great option. Internal Laptop Pocket, Top Loops to buckle in helmet straps, Felt Lined MP3/Sunglass Top Pocket, Side Mount Carting System, Internal Open Mesh Stash Pocket, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 375789, Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States., Model Number: I1504005010, GTIN:... More

K2 I1504005010
Item #: 375789
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