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K2 I150201301 050

K2 I150201301 050   K2 I150201301 050

K2 Alexis X Pro Womens Inline Skates

 $240.00    $69.99

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If you're an athlete looking for a skate built for the fitness-oriented skater then you'll love these K2 Alexis X Pro Inline Skates. With awesome features like the Fitness Hi-Lo Frame and K2 Speed Lacing System, you'll love the fit, feel and ride that these skates offer. The K2 Speed Lacing System allows you to secure your laces with one quick pull which also makes tightening up and making adjustments much easier while you're cruising. The Fitness Hi-Lo Frame sets up the smaller-larger wheel configuration and brings your center of gravity lower in order to maximize performance, speed and stability. These maneuverable skates have a Stability Plus Cuff for support and versatility. If you're looking for a comfortable skate which gives you speed and maneuverability then you'll want the K2 Alexis X Pro Inline Skates. The lacing system provides a supreme fit and the overall design gives you an awesome fitness machine. Arch Support, Lateral... More

K2 I150201301 050
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