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Rollerblade 07739100 T80 7.0

Rollerblade 07739100 T80 7.0   Rollerblade 07739100 T80 7.0

Rollerblade Metroblade Urban Inline Skates

 $349.99    $169.99

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Get a Gotham inspired skate that looks awesome and will carve up the streets with the Rollerblade Metroblade Urban Inline Skates. This skate will tackle turns and give you little bursts of speed all while giving you custom comfort. For lots of durability the Carbon shell will provide you with superior fit with great energy transmission for the response and performance you desire. The Heel Shock Eraser Liner hugs your feet comfortably and erase the impact on the heel while ensuring that you have the performance to shift between pedestrians too busy tweeting about their cups of coffee. The Hot Rod Aluminum Frame is perfect at transferring the energy of each stride to maximize your speed and mobility. Brake in the Box, Includes Unattached Soul Grind Plate, Composite Sole, Twincam ILQ 7 Bearings, Lateral Slider in the Box, Lining Material: Heel Shock Eraser, Skate Type: Urban, Wheel Configuration: 80mm - 80mm - 80mm - 80mm, Wheel Durometer: 85A, Bearing Type: ILQ 7, Frame Material: Hot Rod Extruded Aluminum, Maximum Wheel Size: 80mm, Closure System: Cuff Strap, 45 Degree Velcro Strap and Laces, Bearing Grade: Performance, Wheel Size: 80-89mm, Size Adjustable: No, Skate Frame Material: Metal, Skate Closure System: Traditional Laces, Skate Cuff Height: High, Brake Included: Yes, Speed: Moderate, Ventilation: Low, Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 460939, Model Number: 07739100 T80 7.0, GTIN:... More

Rollerblade 07739100 T80 7.0
Item #: 460939
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