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Rollerblade 07624600 N41 6.0

Rollerblade 07624600 N41 6.0   Rollerblade 07624600 N41 6.0

Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ALU Womens Inline Skates

 $259.99    $114.99

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The Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ALU Inline Skates are great performance recreational skates when you want something more than just to cruise around. These skates have lots of great features to keep you comfortable, rolling fast and performing at your best. The Aluminum Frame is going to be great at transferring energy from each stride down to the 84mm wheels. These wheels are great for recreational use and they can get you going at high speeds and maintain that speed. The liner inside is a Form 5 Star Fit which will help conform the liner to your foot so that you have the ultimate in comfort. The high cuff will give you plenty of support and, when locked in with the cuff buckle and 45 degree strap, you'll have a secure fit and feel. The Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ALU Inline Skates are great for the recreational skater who wants a little more performance and loves the feel of skating fast. Rollerblade Wheels, Twin Aluminum Frame, 5 Star Fit, Lining Material: Form 5 Star Fit, Skate Type: Fitness, Wheel Configuration: 84mm - 84mm - 84mm - 84mm, Wheel Durometer: 85A, Bearing Type: SG 7, Frame Material: Aluminum, Maximum Wheel Size: 84mm, Closure System: Cuff Buckle, 45 Degree Strap and Laces, Bearing Grade: Performance, Wheel Size: 80-89mm, Size Adjustable: No, Skate Frame Material: Metal, Skate Closure System: Traditional Laces, Skate Cuff Height: High, Brake Included: Yes, Speed: Moderate, Ventilation: Medium, Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 415804, Model Number: 07624600 N41 6.0, GTIN:... More

Rollerblade 07624600 N41 6.0
Item #: 415804
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