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Uk Pro 0032705 10102 7

Uk Pro 0032705 10102 7   Uk Pro 0032705 10102 7

UK Pro Freestyler Video Lighting Kit

 $99.99    $29.93

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The sun goes down and it's time to head in, right? No. With the UK Pro Freestyler Video Lighting Kit, you can spend more time outdoors doing the sport you love and making sure that you capture it all on camera. While this kit does not include a camera, you'll have the mount and lights to make sure you get the shots from your Go Pro Camera. The Freestyler Video Light ensures you have a smooth wide-angle beam LED light shining for you on just 3 AA batteries. With outdoor activity comes the threat of water damage but the light is waterproof so you're okay there. The Flex Grip makes it easy to keep a firm grasp when holding and allows you to easily get forward and backward video capture. Extended, this mount stretches to 14.25 inches and collapses down to a mere 8.75 inches. The UK Pro Freestyler Video Lighting Kit is a must-have for the adventurer who wants to capture it all day or night. Warranty: Limited Lifetime, Race: No, Category: Helmet Cams, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 352513, Model Number: 0032705 10102 7, GTIN:... More

Uk Pro 0032705 10102 7
Item #: 352513
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