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Lens Water Repellent

Lens Water Repellent   Lens Water Repellent

Lens Water Repellent


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Apply this water repellent to your GoPro HERO camera lens and say goodbye to water spots on your lens. DESCRIPTIONPrevent pesky water droplets from ruining your surf, wake or snow shots when you apply Clarifii to your GoPro HERO camera lens. Instead of habitually cleaning (or licking) your lens, use a couple drops of Clarifii and a cloth to apply this repellent formula, which beads the water off your lens and clears the way for crisp, gripping action shots. FEATURESSpecially developed for use with GoPro HERO camera lenses.Water repelling formula prevents water droplets from collecting on your lens and ruining your photos and videos.To apply, squeeze a few drops from bottle and rub with a soft, microfiber cloth.Manufacturer recommends applying every hour when filming action watersports like surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding or other water-based action.Clarify formula comes in a small, two-inch squeeze bottle that easily fits in your camera bag or GoPro case. TECH SPECSManufacturer:GoSpotSize:3" x 1" x 1"Weight:.8 ozMaterials:Custom GoSpot FormulaWarranty:Limited WarrantyCompatibility:HERO4 Session, HERO4, HERO+, HERO, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, HD HERO WHAT'S INCLUDED 1 Bottle of Clarifii Free GoWorx Stickers PRODUCT... More

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