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Seat Mount with Schier Clamp

Seat Mount with Schier Clamp   Seat Mount with Schier Clamp

Seat Mount with Schier Clamp


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Product details provided by GoWorx:
The GoPro Seat rail mount allows you to mount your GoPro under your seat, facing backward to record some awesome footage. The Mount uses a Schier Clamp which is a new device that allows users to adjust the angle of their GoPro(R) in its mount and ensure that, once set, the camera doesn't move due to the effects of wind or minor bumps. No extra tools are required for installation or adjustment.HOW TO USE: Install on Seat rails. Attach Camera and adjust the tension using the included knurled nut while the clamp is open. Close the clamp. Enjoy!HOW TO INSTALL:Click here for Video InstructionsWhat's included:- 1 Schier Clamp Assembly - 1 GoPro Seat Mount- 1 Allen Wrench for... More

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