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Solo Smart Battery

Solo Smart Battery   Solo Smart Battery

Solo Smart Battery


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Increase flight time and further perfect your airborne artistry with this spare 3DR Solo battery. DESCRIPTIONDouble your time in the sky when you pack along the Solo Smart Battery for your 3DR Solo drone. More flight time gives you the opportunity to perfect your aerial photography skills, extend your film sessions and get more out of your drone. Bring along a few of these and fly until your fingers get sore. FEATURESSpare battery for the 3DR Solo drone.Rechargeable 15.2V LiPo4s battery.Rechargeable 14.8V lithium polymer battery.Its 5200mAh capacity provides 20-25 minutes of extra flight time.LED status indicator lets you check power status.Charger not included. TECH SPECSManufacturer:3DRSize:2.5" x 4.3" x 7.2"Weight:1 lbsMaterials:Rechargeable 14.8V lithium polymer batteryWarranty:Manufacturer WarrantyCompatibility:3DR Solo Drone WHAT'S INCLUDED Rechargeable 14.8V lithium polymer battery Instructions Free GoWorx Stickers More

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