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MicroJib XL / FreeRide Combo

MicroJib XL / FreeRide Combo   MicroJib XL / FreeRide Combo

MicroJib XL / FreeRide Combo


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Product details provided by GoWorx:
Get more out of every shot when you mount your smartphone to the end of this extra-long rotating pole.Achieve cinema-quality panning and tilting shots with your smartphone when you add the extra-long MicroJib XL FreeRide Combo to your camera bag. Our popular GoWorx FreeRide Phone Mount design securely mounts any standard-sized smartphone while the MicroJib XL extends out to five feet so you can shoot a zoomed-out perspective of your travels or tricks in the skatepark. This brand-new, innovative pairing adds smooth panning and tilting to your smartphone-shooting arsenal, injecting all kinds of creativity into your movie making.Want it more compact? Check out the GoWorx MicroJib 2 / FreeRide Combo.The GoWorx FreeRide Phone Mount uses a three-fin mount and included thumbscrew so you can mount your iPhone(R) or smartphone (with or without a case) securely to the MicroJib 2 (or anywhere you can mount a GoPro HERO camera).The MicroJib XL delivers shake-free, 360-degree panning and tilting technology for smooth panoramas, action-fueled follow shots and dynamic movie sequences.The MicroJib's sturdy, waterproof anodized aluminum design stands up to years of action-filled close-ups and adventurous globetrotting.Two quick-lock adjusters on the shaft let you dial in the length from 22 to 60 inches, letting yet get more of yourself and your friends in each shot. Also, a lock function allows for stationary pole shots without panning.Its improved design features an internal axle and gearbox controlled by the textured rubber grip, and slight resistance in the rotation ensures smooth panning and tilting.The FreeRide Phone Mount's vice-like design provides a solid grip on any smartphone between 56.5mm and 86.5mm wide, including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.Soft urethane rubber pads grip your phone (with or without its case) and prevent scratches from the mount itself.Impact-resistant polycarbonate and precision-machined 304 stainless steel provide a long, adventurous product life regardless of use in saltwater, freshwater, snow, mud, dust or black Hawaiian sand.The FreeRide also fits any three-fin GoPro mount, which greatly expands the creative possibilities with your smartphone. Click HERE for more info about the FreeRide Phone... More

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