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HERO7 Marine Filter System + Case

HERO7 Marine Filter System + Case   HERO7 Marine Filter System + Case

HERO7 Marine Filter System + Case


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GoScope HERO7 Black Red Filter (Fits Hero7 Black/Hero6/Hero5/Hero) Laser Cut Contrast Enhancement Glass for Colorful/Vivid Underwater Video/Pictures - Fits: GoPro Hero7 Black Includes: 60m HousingTake the HERO7 Marine Filter System along to experience even fewer limits. Each filter offers pristine clarity and color correction. Explore the underwater world and capture vibrant colors in green or blue waters up to 90 feet. With the included 60m camera housing, your GoPro HERO5 Black is protected up to 60 meters, meaning added peace of mind and even more time spent discovering! Scope it out!Features: GoPro HERO7, HERO6 Black OR GoPro HERO5 Black 60m Dive HousingThree Filters: Red, Magenta, and SnorkelQuick-buckle and High Torque Mounting ScrewProtective Filter CaseQuick-buckle and High Torque Mounting ScrewProtective Lens... More

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