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Clamp for GoPro

Clamp for GoPro   Clamp for GoPro

Clamp for GoPro


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Product details provided by GoWorx:
Adjust & secure the angle of your GoPro HERO camera with a flick of this all-metal clamp. DESCRIPTIONThe Schier Clamp is a design improvement on the standard GoPro thumbscrew, using a tensioning clamp to quickly lock your camera in place. So if you need a quick angle adjustment, just flick open the clamp, adjust your camera's angle and then flick the clamp closed. FEATURESWorks with all GoPro HERO Cameras.Clamp design works much like a quick-release tension lever on a bicycle.To install: Insert threaded screw into the 3-pin mount, tighten the included knurled nut and then close the clamp to lock down your GoPro.Clamp design allows easy camera angle adjustment because you can just flick it open, adjust and flick it closed (instead of messing with a thumbscrew).All-metal design withstands the shock, dust and water of extreme sports and other high-octane activities.Schier Clamp comes in a variety of colors to trick out your camera rig. TECH SPECSManufacturer:Schier ConceptsSize:1.75" x .5" x .5"Weight:.5 ozMaterials:Anodized Aluminum, Stainless SteelWarranty:Manufacturer WarrantyCompatibility:All GoPro HERO(R) cameras/mounts WHAT'S INCLUDED Schier Clamp w/ Hardware Free Stickers! More

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