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BlurFix 55mm Adapter & Filter Pack

BlurFix 55mm Adapter & Filter Pack   BlurFix 55mm Adapter & Filter Pack

BlurFix 55mm Adapter & Filter Pack


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Product details provided by GoWorx:
Arm yourself with this quiver of filters to fight off glare, prop blur and the distorted "Jello Effect". DESCRIPTIONA must-have toolkit for the high-speed action of motorsports, snow sports, paragliding and all types of aviation, the SRP BlurFix 55mm Filter Pack gives you everything you need to reduce glare and annoying distortion in your GoPro footage. Kit includes the BlurFix 55mm Filter Adapter for attaching filters to your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4 standard housing. Also included are a 55mm SRP Water Repelling CP Filter to fight glare as well as a 55mm Tiffen ND0.6 Filter and 55mm Tiffen ND0.9 Filter to slow your camera's shutter speed and reduce prop blur and the dreaded "jello effect" seen during high-speed motorsport and drone footage.These three 55mm filters screw onto the included BlurFix 55mm Filter Adapter, which only fits the GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 standard housing. FEATURESBlurFix 55mm Filter AdapterThe BlurFix 55mm Filter Adapter boasts an easy, slip-on design that can be completely sealed with air, sealed with liquid or unsealed for a variety of applications in and out of the water.Slip-on design enables easy installation and removal, and filters screw onto the adapter for a reliable hold.Three included exterior O-rings fit most filters. For information on filter installation and compatibility, please visit the BlurFix Instructions page.Included nylon lanyard lets you tether the adapter to your camera for a little extra security during high-speed sports or diving sessions.SRP Water Repelling Circular Polarizer FilterCircular polarizer filter design uses black-rimmed glass to cut the glare on water, snow or glass. It was engineered specifically for water and snow sports, but also enhances video or photos shot through the windshield of a car or airplane.Polarization drastically improves definition of clouds, waves and other water features as well as improves contrast between sun-soaked snow and bluebird skies.Hydrophobic coating sheds water droplets so they don't dot your footage and obscure your subject.55mm Tiffen Neutral Density 0.6 FilterNeutral density filter technology reduces light on sunny days by 75 percent, which forces your GoPro HERO camera to slow its shutter speed and capture more accurate, distortion-free video.55mm Tiffen Neutral Density 0.9 FilterNeutral density filter technology reduces light on the brightest days by 87.5 percent, which forces your GoPro HERO camera to slow its shutter speed and capture more accurate, distortion-free video.Neutral density filters help to remedy the prop blur seen in aviation videography as well as reduce the "jello effect" caused by the intense speed and vibration of drone and motorsport videography.All included filters feature low-profile filter rings that limit mechanical vignetting and field of view restriction. TECH SPECSManufacturer:SRPSize:8" x 4 x 1"Weight:6 ozMaterials:Optical Glass, NylonWarranty:Manufacturer WarrantyCompatibility:HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4 (Standard Housing only) WHAT'S INCLUDED BlurFix 55mm Filter Adapter 55mm SRP Water Repelling Circular Polarizer (CP) Filter 55 mm Tiffen ND0.6 Filter 55 mm Tiffen ND0.9 Filter 4 Filter Carrying Case Free GoWorx Stickers More

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