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Macro Lens for iPhone 6

Macro Lens for iPhone 6   Macro Lens for iPhone 6

Macro Lens for iPhone 6


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Product details provided by GoWorx:
Transform your iPhone 6 into a macro photography machine with this quality 3-in-1 lens system. DESCRIPTIONAchieve stunningly crisp, professional-worthy macro images with your iPhone's camera once you click the olloclip Macro Lens onto your iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus or 6s Plus. Choose from the included Macro 7x, Macro 14x and Macro 21x lenses to capture everything from clever close-ups to microscope-rivaling images fit for working scientists and mobile macro photographers of all skill levels. The simple, award-winning olloclip design slips right onto your iPhone 6 and works with both of your smartphone's cameras. In addition to lens caps and a microfiber bag, the Macro Lens system includes an InstaFocus hood to help eliminate focus issues while photographing pesky little insects or water droplets. FEATURESCompatible with iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus or 6s Plus and works with all photo and video apps.Award-winning, tool-free design lets you quickly switch between three professional-grade macro lenses so you can capture captivating, detail-rich images complete with beautiful bokeh (the desired background blur that helps highlight the nearest details in a macro photograph).Simple design slips over the top of your iPhone 6 and works on the front or rear camera. Flip around the olloclip to toggle between macro lenses and unscrew one of the lenses to reveal the third macro lens.Included 7x Macro lens provides an interesting close-up perspective of recognizable subjects.Included 14x Macro lens tightens the focus and illuminates details not usually seen, like individual threads in fabric or pollen spores on flowers.Included 21x Macro lens documents an invisible world of miniscule beauty, and can achieve nearly 100x magnification when used with your iPhone's digital zoom, which is great for working field biologists or anyone who wants to capture a microscope's perspective.InstaFocus hood fits over the rim of the lens to eliminate unwanted shadows and focus issues during your next macro photo or video project.The lenses' lightweight, six-element glass optics provide groundbreaking edge-to-edge clarity while limiting pincushion distortion and remaining durable for years of heavy use by photography professionals.The olloclip slips onto one of three included pendants for safe storage, and an included lanyard lets you wear the olloclip and one of the colored pendants around your neck between photo sessions. It also includes two lens caps and a microfiber bag to protect your lenses.Note: all phone cases must be removed prior to installing the olloclip. TECH SPECSManufacturer:olloclipSize:1" x 1.4" x 2.1"Weight:11 ozMaterials:Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Precision Coated Ground Glass, Advanced Polymer ConstructionWarranty:Manufacturer WarrantyCompatibility:iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus or 6s Plus WHAT'S INCLUDED olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens System 3 x Lenses: 7x Macro, 14x Macro, 21x Macro 3 x Interchangeable Pendants 2 x Lens Caps Microfiber Storage Bag Free GoWorx Stickers PRODUCT... More

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