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Almond Marzipan - 34% - 8 lb can

Almond Marzipan - 34% - 8 lb can   Almond Marzipan - 34% - 8 lb can

Almond Marzipan - 34% - 8 lb can


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Sculpt this delicious, high quality almond marzipan into cakes, pastries and candies. American Almond makes its premium quality Marzipan with select-grade almonds. The almonds are blanched to remove the skin and then cooked with just the right kind of sugars until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency, finished off with a small amount of almond extract to enhance the almond flavor. Once opened, marzipan should be kept tightly covered to prevent it from drying. Marzipan is best stored in a cool dry environment away from strong odors and direct... More

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