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Cervena Elk Full Strip Loin - 5 lbs

Cervena Elk Full Strip Loin - 5 lbs   Cervena Elk Full Strip Loin - 5 lbs

Cervena Elk Full Strip Loin - 5 lbs


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This whole muscle cut from the saddle of the Elk is large, naturally tender and perfect to roast whole or to cut into steaks or medallions. Our Cervena Elk Strip Loin comes from grass-fed, free-range New Zealand elk. With a bolder beefier flavor than other venison (like deer), Elk is a wonderful alternative to beef. The red meat is deeply flavorful and robust, with a beautiful sweet taste, and the health benefits can't be beat - one-fifth the fat of beef, and more iron and zinc. Because this is farmed Elk, it's tender, mild and juicy - never tough and never, ever gamey. A marinade would be fabulous for the flavor, but our naturally tender elk doesn't need any prior tenderizing. When cooking with Elk, keep in mind it's leanness. It cooks much more quickly than beef, and it must be cooked to medium-rare to make sure it stays tender and juicy. The Cervena Appellation seal guarantees the best and most tender cuts of elk: harvested under 3 years old, raised free-range and grass-fed on pristine New Zealand pastures, never given any growth hormones or antibiotics, and never, ever given any genetically engineered... More

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