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Carhartt 100643

Carhartt 100643   Carhartt 100643

Carhartt Men's Base Force Super-Cold Weather Bottom

 $55.00    $27.50

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100643 Carhartt Men's Base Force Super-Cold Weather Bottom This is heavyweight like Ali-Frazier. Heavyweight like a left tackle on fourth and goal. This bottom is for hard-working guys who work in the trenches. Made of 8-ounce, 95% polyester/5% spandex heavyweight knit, it'll keep you warm. You'll be happy to know that it wicks away sweat and fights odors. It has smooth flat lock seams for the warmth and comfort you demand and an elastic waist. Goes great with Carhartt's Base Force Super Cold Weather Crewneck Top the way chili goes with... More

Carhartt 100643
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