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275 Gallon Super Tanker with Aquamira Home Filtration Kit

275 Gallon Super Tanker with Aquamira Home Filtration Kit   275 Gallon Super Tanker with Aquamira Home Filtration Kit

275 Gallon Super Tanker with Aquamira Home Filtration Kit


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There is not a more high quality, durable and space-efficient large volume Water Storage container on the market than the Super Tanker(TM). For over 16 years, Super Tankers have been on the cutting edge of convenient and safe in-home water storage. This incredible offering provides 1 (one) 275 gallon Super Tanker, 1 (one) AquamiraA(R) In-home Water Filtration System, 2 (two) AquamiraA(R) Frontier Plus BVR replacement filters & 1 (one) Heavy-duty Support Strap. In the event of an emergency, natural disaster or even a drought, How much water would you need to store to survive? A single 275 gallon tank takes up less space than two 55ga. barrels, yet has the capacity of five 55ga. barrels! Rotation-molded for seamless containment, superior engineering and heavy-duty components set this system apart from all others. Most other similar systems use plastic bulkheads, which have a tendency to break or leak. The Super Tanker comes with Brass bulkheads that are infused into the tank itself, ensuring consistent, leak-free flow! When it comes to storing water for your family in an emergency, having a sufficient supply of easily accessible water is crucial. If disaster does strike, you need to have full confidence that access to water will always be available. The Super Tanker(TM) is the answer for large volume emergency water storage and peace of mind.275 Gallon Super Tanker(TM) Features:Made entirely of BPA-free, FDA and HPB approved food-grade PolyethyleneInfused Heavy-duty Brass Bulk Heads, A 3/4" Brass Ball Valve & A 3/4" Brass SpigotTwo separate points of access depending on need4 A 3/4" Recessed, Spring-loaded Top Vent CapComplete gravity-fed dispensingFits through standard doorways and stored in rooms with minimum 7ft ceilings24" wide x 40" deep x 80" tall (80lbs empty)Set up & Installation Instructions includedProudly made in the USAThe AquamiraA(R) Home Filtration Kit is the first of its kind - A complete in-home system that allows you to access water from all areas and resources of a house while ensuring it's clean and drinkable for your family in any emergency situation. In addition to your Super Tankers, you can now consider your water heater, sink faucets, and exterior water sources as go-to options for emergency water when using this system. This kit comes complete with adapters for all of these sources and can easily connect to the pump filter to provide the water needed to drink, bathe and cook. Featuring the most state of the art filtration technology, the AquamiraA(R) Plus BVR Filter not only protects against bacteria, cysts and chemicals but also viruses. With all filters combined in this package, you have up to 360 total gallons of filtered water capacity! BVR Filter Technology: Meets or exceeds ANSI/NSF Standard 53 for removal of Protozoan, Cysts, Bacteria and Virus.Activated Coconut Shell Carbon: Reduces waterborne chemicals, improves taste and eliminates offensive odors.Antimicrobial: Suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew that may grow within containers over time and within the filter media after use.Filter Removal Specifications:Protozoan Cysts: a 99.9% per ANSI/NSF 53Bacteria: a 99.9999% per ANSI/NSF 53 (such as E-coli, Cryptosporidium, etc)Virus: a 99.99% per ANSI/NSF 53Chlorine Removal: Meets or Exceeds ANSI/NSF 42Additional Benefits: Reduces Chlorine and emerging contaminants.Filters made in the USAAquamiraA(R) In-home Water Filtration System Features:AquamiraA(R) Frontier Plus BVR TechnologyFilters Bacteria, Cysts, & VirusEach filter has 120 gallon capacity (360 total gallons combined)Connectable to multiple water sources (adapters included - See description below)Filters Made in the USAPump assembly may be blue or orange in colorHeavy-duty Support Strap Features:Used as added support to Super Tanker placement10 ft. Length1" Polyester webbing rated to 3800 lbs. breaking strength/1100 lbs. working limitCam Buckle rated to 1800 lbs3/8" Steel Hooks & (2) 5/16" Eye Lag ScrewsThis Package includes the following items:1-275 gallon Super Tanker Water Storage Containers1-AquamiraA(R) In-home Water Filtration System Kits (includes 1 (one) AquamiraA(R) Frontier Plus BVR Replacement Filter in each kit)2-AquamiraA(R) Frontier Plus BVR Replacement Filters1-Heavy-duty Support Strap*It is recommended that all stored water be rotated at least once... More NWST
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