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Peanut Butter - Single Can

Peanut Butter - Single Can   Peanut Butter - Single Can

Peanut Butter - Single Can


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CLEARANCE. ALL SALES FINAL.Nutristore(TM) Peanut Butter is the perfect treat for your food storage. Our Peanut Butter is packaged in individual pouches for your convenience. Each pouch contains 250 calories of creamy peanut butter, which makes it a great snack for strength and energy in an emergency. A #10 can provides 8,000 calories and 320 grams of protein. It also comes fortified with vitamins C, A, B6 and Thiamin. It's easy to see why Nutristore(TM) Peanut Butter is an excellent addition to any food storage supply.a Vitamin Fortifieda 5 year shelf lifea Excellent source of proteina Great for bug out bags, car kits and 72-hour... More NPNB
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