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Fruit and Vegetable Variety 24-pack

Fruit and Vegetable Variety 24-pack   Fruit and Vegetable Variety 24-pack

Fruit and Vegetable Variety 24-pack


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Our Nutristore(TM) Fruit and Vegetable Variety pack offers you 960 total servings of assorted Fruits and Veggies! This deluxe pack gives you the assurance of high quality, great tasting Fruits and Vegetables for years to come. From Freeze-dried Pineapple to Freeze-dried Green Peas, this pack provides you with endless meal and snack options the whole family will love. All of our Fruits and Vegetables can be reconstituted quickly or enjoyed straight out of the can as a quick and easy on-the-go snack. Adding this kit to your food storage will allow you to obtain the necessary nutrients you need no matter the circumstance.a Quick and easy preparationa All Freeze-dried items have a 25 year shelf lifea Adds endless meal and snack options to your food storagea A delicious way to obtain essential nutrientsa 960 total servingsThis kit contains the following cans:2 - Dehydrated Apples2 - Freeze-dried Bananas2 - Freeze-dried Peaches2 - Freeze-dried Pineapple 2 - Freeze-dried Raspberries2 - Freeze-dried Strawberries2 - Freeze-dried Broccoli2 - Dehydrated Carrots2 - Freeze-dried Corn2 - Freeze-dried Green Beans2 - Freeze-dried Green Peas2 - Freeze-dried... More NFV24P
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