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Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds - 8oz   Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds - 8oz


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These organic soy bean seeds are a very versatile bean that can lower cholesterol and protect against cancer through its healthy protease inhibitors. Organic Soy bean seeds sprouts are good for keeping blood sugar under control. They are great in salads, stir fry's, soups and breads. These Organic Soy Beans also makes great soy milk! Also, see our bulk section for more information on these organic soy beans. To sprout Organic Soy Bean Seeds you use the same methods to sprout as green pea and garbanzo beans.Features:High germination ratePerfect for organic edible seedsSeed gardening, hydroponicsGrowing salad sproutsSurvival food storageOrganic cooking, toasting, tofuSoymilkCertified 100% OrganicRaw, Vegan &... More NDSSSB
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