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Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply

Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply   Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply

Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply


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When an emergency strikes or your family needs a reliable source of nutritional great tasting food, look no further than our Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply. This food supply is designed to sustain one person for three months. This kit contains over 1,500 servings, but most importantly, it has over 171,000 calories, an average of at least 1,900 calories per day! This emergency food kit is a great way to start your personal preparedness or serves as an excellent enhancement of flavor, nutrition, and value to any existing food storage supply. This kit provides you the ability to customize your own meals just the way you like them.The Nutristore(TM) Deluxe 3 Month Food Supply contains 36 #10 cans of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, real Freeze-dried Meats, dairy and other essentials with up to a 25+ year shelf life on many items. This world is full of surprises and uncertainties, with this pack you can ensure your dietary and nutritional needs are taken care of no matter the circumstance!Features1,500+ total servings171,000+ total caloriesFeatures real Freeze-dried meats, fruits and vegetablesProvides the ingredients to endless meal options and customizationThis kit contains the following #10 cans:8 - Hard White Wheat6 - White Rice3 - Granola1 - Dehydrated Apples1 - Freeze-dried Bananas1 - Freeze-dried Strawberries2 - Dehydrated Potatoes1 - Freeze-dried Sweet Corn1 - Freeze-dried Green Beans1 - Dehydrated Carrots2 - Lentils2 - Pinto Beans2 - Beef TVP1 - Freeze-dried Chicken2 - Instant Milk1 - White Sugar1 -... More N3MFS
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