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Emergency Entree Combo Pack - 32 Pouches - Business

Emergency Entree Combo Pack - 32 Pouches - Business   Emergency Entree Combo Pack - 32 Pouches - Business

Emergency Entree Combo Pack - 32 Pouches - Business


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**Purchasing Terms**Product must be purchased up to and no greater than the quantities previously advised by your EmployeePrep Agent. Failure to adhere to these terms may cause delay and/or cancellation of your business order. Nutristore(TM) EntrA e Combo Pack provides you complete meals with real Freeze-dried meat! These meals require little water and are ready in just minutes. They are packed with flavor and nutrition essential for any circumstance. Hassle-free preparation provides the family a complete meal that everyone will enjoy with meal options including Chicken Curry Rice, Chicken Teriyaki Rice, Chicken Santa Fe Style Rice and Beef Mushroom Noodles.Not only are our EntrA e meals a perfect option for your food storage supply, they are ideal for family campouts, backpacking trips and hunting excursions. Packaged in their light-weight Freeze-dried form, makes them easy to carry around in any 72-hour kit, backpack or emergency preparation bag. With a 10 year shelf life and over 36,000 total calories per bucket, these meals will be there when you need them most! Having just-add-water meals are essential to completing any food storage supply.a Just-add-water meals cooks in minutesa 10 year shelf lifea Real Freeze-dried Meats & Vegetablesa Made with natural ingredientsa NO MSGa Sturdy 8 gallon RoPak bucket with side handlesa Delicious wholesome meals packed with nutrientsThis kit contains the following pouches:8 - Beef and Mushrooms with Noodles8 - Curry Rice with Chicken8 - Santa Fe Style Chicken with Rice8 - Teriyaki Chicken with... More NEB2
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