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Breakfast Granola Combo Pack - 32 pouches

Breakfast Granola Combo Pack - 32 pouches   Breakfast Granola Combo Pack - 32 pouches

Breakfast Granola Combo Pack - 32 pouches


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**Purchasing Terms**Product must be purchased up to and no greater than the quantities previously advised by your EmployeePrep Agent. Failure to adhere to these terms may cause delay and/or cancellation of your business order. Nutristore(TM) Breakfast Granola Combo Pack gives your family a delicious wholesome breakfast meal for any situation. The whole family will love how delicious the wholesome granola combined with real strawberries or blueberries and instant milk tastes. You will also enjoy how simple they are to prepare and easy to clean up! Add a little bit of water and these meals are ready to be enjoyed. Nutristore(TM) offers you Strawberry or Blueberry for your breakfast meal options that are sure to please the whole family.Not only are our Breakfast meals a perfect option for your food storage supply, they are ideal for family campouts, backpacking trips and hunting excursions. Packaged in their light-weight Freeze-dried form, makes them easy to carry around in any 72-hour kit, backpack or emergency preparation bag. With a 10 year shelf life and over 33,000 total calories per bucket, these meals will be there when you need them most! Having just-add-water breakfast meals to your families food supply will provide you family with a great start to any day!a Just-add-water meals prepares in secondsa 10 year shelf lifea Includes real vitamin-fortified Instant Milk Free of Supplemental Hormonesa Granola is free of any tree nut allergensa Delicious wholesome breakfast packed with nutrientsa Made with natural ingredientsa Variety of usesThis kit contains the following pouches:16 - Breakfast Granola with Blueberries and Milk16 - Breakfast Granola with Strawberires and... More NBGB1
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