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FIFO(TM) Mini Can Tracker

FIFO(TM) Mini Can Tracker   FIFO(TM) Mini Can Tracker

FIFO(TM) Mini Can Tracker


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The FIFO(TM) Mini Can Tracker is a can-do solution to an age-old problem! Maximize your food's shelf life by rotating the easy way. The Mini Can Tracker is 10.25" tall, 16" wide, and 15.5" deep, although the width will vary depending on the cans you store. Each unit accommodates three different can sizes (tomato sauce, vegetable/soda pop, and family size soup) and holds up to 30 cans.Features10.25" H x 16" W x 15.5" D (width will vary depending upon can sizes)Fits in pantry or on standard-size storage racks and gorilla racksHolds up to 30 cans (15-32 oz.)Expands to fit additional tracksRotates soda cansIncludes 3 "A" dowels, 6 "B" dowels, and 6 "C"... More MCTK
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