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Herb & Spice Variety Kit - 24 pouches

Herb & Spice Variety Kit - 24 pouches   Herb & Spice Variety Kit - 24 pouches

Herb & Spice Variety Kit - 24 pouches


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We want you to enjoy the food you eat - even in an emergency or disaster! When it comes to preparing emergency food storage meals just the way you like them, you need access to herbs & spices that provide the perfect taste. If you want the freedom to create custom meals that your family will love, our Nutristore(TM) Herb & Spice Variety Kit is an essential component to your food supply! Whether it's a spicy dish you crave or you just need to freshen up some soup with a touch of herbs, this supply provides the diversity and flavors that you desire!a 17 assorted Herbs & Spicesa 15 year shelf lifea 24 Re-sealable mylar pouchesa Essential for food storage meal preparation This kit contains the following pouches: Minced Garlic (2), Basil Leaves, fine-cut (2), Granulated Onion (2), Cilantro Leaves (2), Cracked Black Pepper (2), Ground Oregano Leaves (2), Salt Flakes (2), Parsley Flakes, Whole Marjoram Leaves, Ground Chili Pepper, Whole Thyme Leaves, Ground Cumin Seed, Ground Allspice, Smoked Paprika, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Rosemary Leaves, and Chipotle... More NHSB
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