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DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System

DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System   DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System

DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System


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PRODUCT OVERVIEWIn an emergency or natural disaster, a compromised water supply is a threat to the community's health andwell-being. The DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System was designed to reduce safety concerns and restore a reliablesupply of safe drinking water. Engineered to perform in rugged conditions without power, fuel, or trained humanresources, DIVVY dispenses lifesaving, purified water from any fresh water source.The DIVVY is trusted throughout the United States and internationally, by universities, hospitals, healthcarefacilities, and NGO's and has proven its utility following natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines,and the Lushan Earthquake in China. It has also been implemented for daily use in low-resourcecommunities-effectively eliminating the negative health concerns previously attributed to waterborne illness.Whether prepositioned as a component of emergency planning or deployed to provide relief and recovery followingdisaster, DIVVY can meet the drinking water demands of any large group.DIVVY 250 SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTSPORTABLE/MOBILEA>> Easily carried by 1-2 peopleA>> Fits in any car, truck, boat, or small planeA>> Complete system packs into 3 casesA>> Stores easily in small spaces100% HUMAN POWEREDA>> Easy to use hand pumpA>> 30 min fill time, 60 min treatment timeA>> Works with any freshwater sourceA>> Requires no power, fuel or technical expertisePROVEN PROTECTIONA>> Kills bacteria and virusA>> Removes particulate, protozoa, and cystsA>> Improves taste and odorA>> Easy to clean and reuseCOMMUNITY CAPACITYA>> Produces 4 gallons per minuteA>> Four filling stations reduce long linesA>> Minutes from setup to safe drinkingA>> Daisy chain storage tanks as... More 67507
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