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Green Beans 2-Pack Case

Green Beans 2-Pack Case   Green Beans 2-Pack Case

Green Beans 2-Pack Case


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Nutristore(TM) Freeze-dried Green Beans are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. These premium cut Green Beans have a natural crisp taste straight out of the can making them a delicious snack. Reconstitution is quick and brings the Green Beans back to their original taste, texture, and form. These Green Beans will go great in your green bean casserole, rice meals, or as a side dish to compliment other platters. The 25 year shelf life will assure you have high quality, great tasting Green Beans no matter the circumstance.a Quick reconstitution timea 25 year shelf lifea Premium cut crisp tasting Green Beans year rounda Great as a side dish or used to enhance... More NGB2P
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